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Carl Mohler Jr

I'm here to interview to be your Montana House District 69 Representative

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Info About Me

Born and raised in Pennsylvania. Moved to Montana in 2013. I live in Three Forks. I graduated from Ephrata High School. Attended Lock Haven University for 4 semesters. 

 I have worked in restaurants, warehouses, a Harley dealership and owned a fitness center. Marine Corps Reservist. I have been working as an electrician since 2001. 

Are you tired of politics as usual? I am. Lets try something different. I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel, just bring some reality to how our system works.

 I believe in cutting bureaucracy, keeping a balanced budget and protecting everyone's individual rights. Lets keep the Federal and State government our of local government and our private lives.

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Issues We Face

Let's Keep Options  


Veterans, I believe should not have their military retirements taxed. I plan to push for this to get through to the Governor's desk. The Montana National Guard should not be deployed to combat zones unless Congress actually declares war. Which is something they have not done in some 70 years.

Health Care

Carl Mohler Jr is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many people throughout the state. They hold this issue close to their heart, working day in and day out to afford health insurance. More options are needed to create a more competitive market.


I am for keeping the government out of our personal lives as much as possible. individual privacy is paramount. The choice to do as you wish with your life and body without infringing on another's rights is of the utmost importance.

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Thank you for your interest and I hope to get your vote. If you would like to donate please send to the address below. Any questions on issues can be sent to the email below.

PO Box 1378 Three Forks Mt 59752

Thanks for submitting!

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